The menu

We offer a selection of the courses on the menu of the Villa Madruzzo restaurant.

The presence on the menu of the courses may vary based on the availability of the ingredients and depending on the time of year.

The prices are expressed in euros.


Smoked salmon trout with butter and croutons14.50
Marinated anchovies with seasonal salads 14
Thin layers of baked eggplant, courgette, buffalo mozzarella cheese, basil and tomato cream14
Crispy hashbrown served with homemade ham, cabbage and speck salad13.50
Lucanica “Trentina” with polenta, cheese fondue and mushrooms14.50
“Carne salada” carpaccio with seasonal salad, juicy apples and nuts13.50
Parma ham with 24 month Parmesan cheese14
Veal covered in tuna sauce with Pantelleria capers19.50
“Burratina” cheese with endive salad, baked tomatoes, “Taggiasca” olives, anchovies and toasted pine nuts over Carasau flatbread14
Fresh Ricotta with spinach, pink grapefruit and thinly sliced almonds13
Beef Tartare with salad, apples and “Trentingrana” cheese waffle19

First courses

Risotto “Carnaroli” with white asparagus14
Tomatoe sauce potato gnocchi with fresh basil13.50
Meat and herbs filled ravioli over duck ragout13.50
Caramelle filled with polenta over pumpkin cream and toasted sesame seeds14
Fettuccine noodles creamed with sausage ragout on Romanesco cream, baked tomatoes and ricotta cheese14
“Conchiglioni” pasta with veal meatsauce12.50
Spaghetti cacio e pepe km 0, dried raspberries and crispy pork cheek chips14
Spinach gnocchi with melted cheese, chanterelles, butter and sage14
“Knödel” with melted cheese, (spinach cheese and speck, beet), melted butter and sage13
Barley soup with vegetables9
Chickpea and chestnut soup with slices of crispy speck10
Vegetables soup9

Second courses

Octopus salad Catalan style20
Scallops with ginger and lemon perfume19
Roasted rubbit with polenta from Storo19.50
Veal meatballs with mushrooms and mushed potatoes19
Pork fillet with apples and Marsala wine19
Calf’s Liver with butter and sage with Storo polenta19
Wiener Schnitzel with cranberry marmelade19
Cut of beef with rocket sauce21
Black Angus sirloin with pink pepper23
Chateaubriand (double fillet steak) with Bernese sauce60
Mixed Grill: pork fillet, beef, chicker breast and lamb ribs23
Filet of char21
Sea-bass fillet23
Beef tartare (120g) prepared by our chef, with salad and apples, served in Parmesan cheese waffle19
Beef Tartare with bread croutons27

Side dishes

Selection of Trentino cheeses 15
(Puzzone di Moena, Grana Trentino 22 mesi, Casolet, Cuore di Fassa, Dolce della Val di Sole)
Chef’s salad15
(tuna, mozzarella, Taggiasca olives, hard-boiled eggs and tomatoes)
Salad buffet5
Grilled or boiled vegetables6


Apple strudel with vanilla sauce and milk-flavoured ice cream7.50
Apple puff pastry with vanilla sauce and milk-flavoured ice cream7.50
Our homemade Tiramisù7.50
White Chocolate “Ivori” mousse with raspberry sauce and cocoa crumble7.50
Sacher cake7.50
Ice-cream with Chestnuts Grappès8
Meringue with Guanaya dark chocolate sauce7.50
Nougat Semifreddo with Guanaya dark chocolate sauce7.50
Our wafer basket with wild berries and vanilla ice cream9
Fresh fruit salad with lemon ice cream7.50
Pineapple with Maraschino Luxardo7.50

The prices are expressed in euros
Service and cover charge: 3€ per person