The meeting rooms Ludovico Madruzzo: the first room

The Classic wing has two elegant and welcoming meeting rooms: Sala Ludovico Madruzzo 1 and 2.

Sala Ludovico Madruzzo 1, the smaller of the two, is the ideal location for events and meetings for groups from 5 to 15 guests: it has a large meeting table, comfortable blue armchairs and all modern facilities for a group to work efficiently together.

This room communicates with the Sala Ludovico Madruzzo 2 through a connecting door which separates the two spaces, leaving each ambience completely autonomous and private.

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Room Ludovico Madruzzo 1 is the perfect location to organize different types of events. Find out what possibilities this type of room offers and contact us for more information.
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Villa Madruzzo is the perfect place to organize your event: from a business meeting to a reception, our staff will be able to support you in the organization. Our structure offers different types of rooms, different in capacity and style, making it unique on the Trentino territory.
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