Important information and regulation of the wellness center

Wellness center email:

How can I access the wellness area?

To access the wellness area, please contact the reception to obtain the appropriate daily entry card.

Entrance to the wellness center requires an additional cost of € 5.00 per person per day. The price includes the rental of a kit containing: bag, bathrobe, bath towel and slippers, as well as daily entry into the pool, turkish bath, sauna, emotional path and outdoor whirlpools when in operation.

Please at the end of your relaxing day leave the spa kit in the room.

Important information about the wellness center

  • Children under 16 can only access the swimming pool and only if accompanied by responsible tutors, only from 12.00pm to 15.00pm, with free access.
  • Inside the wellness center it is possible to buy costumes for both men and women.

Opening time

  • Swimming pool & wellness area (wet area):
    8.00am / 9.00pm (last admission: 8.00 pm)
    admission allowed if in possession of magnetic card
  • Treatments and massages
    4.00pm / 9.00pm


  • It is advisable to leave an interval of at least three hours between the meal and the bath.
  • Children under 16 can only access the swimming pool and only if accompanied by responsible tutors, only from 12.00pm to 3.00pm, with free access.
  • It is forbidden to circulate or stop in swimming pools and in annexed rooms without a bathing suit. The costumes to wear for access to the pools must be adequate for hygiene, morality and in accordance with the provisions of P.S..
  • It is mandatory to wear a cap and take a shower before entering the pool.
  • It is forbidden to enter the pool area with walking shoes and rubber slippers or slippers are required. Even those accompanying them are not allowed to enter the locker rooms without covering shoes.
  • Persons with wounds, abrasions, lesions or skin alterations of a suspected infected nature (warts, dermatitis, mycosis, etc.) are prohibited from entering the pool.
  • Smoking is forbidden and it is not possible to consume food or drinks on the pool table and in the changing rooms.
  • The Management reserves the right to refuse entry into the swimming pool and to revoke the concession to those who interfere with the performance of the service, or cause offense to decency and morals.
  • The Management is not responsible for theft or loss of objects left unattended inside the structure. Valuables must be placed in the lockers provided.
  • The Management is not responsible in any way for any accidents, injuries or anything else that may happen to swimmers due to their attributable behavior. Pushing, diving and jumps in water from the edges of the tanks are prohibited, making it dangerous, and running in the immediate vicinity of the tanks.
  • It is forbidden for swimmers to use fins, masks or anything else that may be considered dangerous by swimming pool users.
  • It is forbidden to enter the swimming pool to people in an altered psychophysical state (drunkenness, alterations caused by stupid substances, etc.) or even in obvious precarious health conditions, such as to represent a risk for the safety of the subject himself.
  • It is forbidden to bring dogs or other animals into the facilities.
  • It is forbidden to bring strollers, prams or the like.
  • Public access may be limited in the event of crowding.

Service personnel are authorized to intervene at any time to demand compliance with this regulation.