The Trento of the Council

Villa Madruzzo is geographically and culturally the ideal place from which you can begin your exploration of the places of the Council of Trent. You can relive the events that took place in the 16th century by exploring the places, palaces and churches that hosted cardinals, bishops, theologians and ambassadors who were protagonists of the XIX Ecumenical Council of the Church of Rome (1545 – 1563).

Starting from the Cathedral of San Vigilio, where the twenty-three official sessions of the Council took place, continuing with the palace in Prato before and then at Palazzo Thun, which hosted the preparatory discussions. It was instead in the church of Santa Maria Maggiore that the last phase of the work occurred. But the places connected to the history of the Council of Trento are many and include for example also the church of San Pietro, from which the inaugural procession of the Council and the Archdeaconal Tower, which originally was the residence of the archdeacons, started.