Wine crystal treatment offer

Wine treatment is a holistic concept that promotes health and well-being. Wine as a therapy was used as far back as ancient Greece, in fact the term “ampelotherapy” (i.e., grape cure, derived from the Greek “ampelos” meaning vine) is a complex of therapies based on the use of vine derivatives (grapes, leaves, wine).

A good wine therapy treatment starts with a full wine crystal scrub or peel to prepare the skin, removing impurities, stimulating microcirculation and dilating pores, so that when massages, wraps or baths are performed, the properties of the wine will be more penetrating. Next, a purifying and nourishing wine pack is applied.

To finish the treatment, a massage with almond and grape seed oil is performed with antioxidant effect, protects from the sun’s rays, makes the skin brighter and softer, delaying the effects of skin aging.